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our story


Imagine you are an American Soldier in WWII. You experienced the unforgiving crucible of war then, just like that, the fighting ends.

On your way home from the Pacific Theater you discover a distinctly local fashion item – the Hawaiian shirt. It’s bright, colorful, and covered in floral print. Not exactly the fashion style you might expect a battle hardened Soldier to wear.

But you buy one. And your friends each buy one. In fact, thousands of American Soldiers end up in the same spot you are. And each one of them buys one. Why is that?

At Easy Company Outfitters we believe that simple piece of cloth was more than just a shirt. It represented a belief that every moment you’re given on this earth is a gift. Life is too short to waste not living. So take off your uniform. Wear a colorful, floral shirt. Celebrate the fact that you’re alive. 


This story from 1945 inspired our creative approach to Hawaiian shirts.

Like Soldiers returning home, we believe in living life with no regrets and having the courage to be ourselves. That’s why we created our own style of vintage prints that combine authentic Hawaiian elements with the minimalist art movement. Beautiful designs. Uncompromising quality. And the confidence to do more with less.

Our first supporters say we created our very own “Easy Style”. And with your help we intend to prove them right. Join us as we, together, bring this idea to life.

first the missiles

At 01:45 I heard the first explosion. Grab kit. Grab weapon. Run to bunkers. Where are my Soldiers? 101st sound off. We are all here. Thank god.

Indirect fire sirens are going off. Can’t hear. Can’t move. The bunker is packed. Brits and Americans are piled on top of each other. Can’t reach my phone. Was that another one? Please no.

Helicopters start up. People are yelling. Soldiers are shaking. Some can’t speak. I am terrified. ”INCOMING”. More bodies dive into the bunker. Someone is squeezing my arm. Nails dig in. The pain is reassuring. I am still alive.

then the flowers

I was in Erbil Air Base, Iraq on Wednesday January 8, 2020 when ballistic missiles exploded around our base. Through that experience I learned that, in the end, all you’ll regret are the chances you didn’t take.

The idea for Easy Company Outfitters started in 2018 when I first heard the story of WWII Soldiers returning home with Hawaiian shirts. I thought – this is the real story of the Hawaiian shirt in America - someone needs to tell this story. But who was I to start an apparel brand? I knew little about fashion, had no investors, and was headed out on a 9 month deployment in a few months.

Then the attack on Erbil happened and my perspective changed. If I could encourage even one person to chase a dream – or to even live a slightly more fulfilling life - then it would be worth it. So I got to work and started creating what would eventually turn into the products you see today.

For me, these are more than just shirts. They are a constant reminder to live well – to chase the sunset, and when you reach it, to sit back and take in the view. I hope that when you wear them, you’re reminded of that too.

- Timothy Grovenburg
Founder, Easy Company Outfitters