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Imagine you are an American Soldier in WWII. You experienced the unforgiving crucible of war then, just like that, the fighting ends.

On your way home from the Pacific Theater you discover a distinctly local fashion item – the Hawaiian shirt. It’s bright, colorful, and covered in floral print. Not exactly the fashion style you might expect a battle hardened Soldier to wear.

But you buy one. And your friends each buy one. In fact, thousands of American Soldiers end up in the same spot you are. And each one of them buys one. Why is that?

At Easy Company Outfitters we believe that simple piece of cloth was more than just a shirt. It represented a belief that every moment you’re given on this earth is a gift.


When we started Easy Company Outfitters we could have chosen any number of products to help raise funds for Veteran surf therapy. But we thought this story from WWII made the aloha shirt the perfect product to center around our mission.

So we started designing prints and eventually created the products you see today. We hope whenever you wear one of our aloha shirts, you're reminded of this special connection and the legacy of those who popularized this classic American style.